~IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE~ Our next Show will be March 25th 2012

***IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE*** It was brought to our attention that the Super Bowl falls on the same day as our Sweet Sorrow Feb. 5th show. In the best interest of our Vendors and attendees, we have decided to reschedule our next show to March 25th. If you have already applied for the Sweet Sorrow Show and would like to participate in our March 25th Mourning Market, simply send us an email or message and we will use that application for the March show. Darkest Regards,

Mourning Market Widows


Vendors participating in our Dec 11th debut show at VELVET!!

Mourning Market Vendors and Vendor Map

1. Tormented Artifacts
2. Spider Baby
3. Firstlight Photography
4. Anouk Rawkson
5. Art of Misha Huntting
6. Velvet mechanism
7. Twisted Root Studio
8. Tin Plate Studios
9. Rusty Door Photography
10. Fairly Enchanted
11. Fleur Du Mal
12. Chainsaw Mouth
13. Idle Hands Designs
14. Mud Flap Grrrl
15. Idolatre
16. Fantasy Art Dolls by Marca
17. Apatico
18. Creepycult
19. Skullclown
20. Juliet
21. Sinful Solace Anomalous Jewelry & Art
22. Haute Under The Collar
23. Glitter Mortis
24. Diamond Tattoo
25. Phoenix Beadwork
26. Amore Grace
27. Glamour Ghoul
28. Devout Dolls
29. Toxic heart
30. Rosarium Blends
31. Morbid Anatomy
32. Ann Koi/Catalyst Studios

Sin In Linen
Diamond Tattoo
Box Top Vintage
Delightfully Deviant

Special Guests

Madame Talbot’s Victorian Lowbrow Exhibition
Tarot Readings By RAIN
Sunrise Caskets


Dec 11th Mourning Market Sponsors!

We would like to give a great big welcome to our new sponsors for our Dec 11th 2011 Show!!!


Apply NOW for our Dec 11th 2011 Show!!!

We are currently accepting applications for our December 11th 2011 debut show at VELVET! Applications will be accepted until Oct. 1st at midnight. You can apply at www.mourningmarket.com


Mourning Market has a NEW home!!!


We are so delighted to announce that Mourning Market has a new home...Velvet! Velvet is located across from the Showbox Sodo on 1st Ave. The building is over 100 years old with old world charm and beautiful details. When you enter the surroundings it is like entering a supper club from yesteryear with dark elegance.
We have a full stage with room for 34 vendor booths and 3 sponsor booths. The booth spaces with be comparable to Motor ( being at least 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep). 
   With this move, Mourning Market will be elevated to a new height... elegant, dark, and most certainly an amazing place to showcase your art.
Our next show is tentativley scheduled for December 11th from 12-5.
Please take a moment to visit Velvet's website: velvetstage.com. More photos will be added to the gallery soon to fully appreciate the space. Velvet is also located on facebook, so please like them to get additional updates. 

Darkest Regards,

Mourning Market Widows



IMPORTANT NEWS regarding Mourning Market. Motor is sadly closing its doors Sept 1st. We'll be having a farewell show Aug 21st. We're currently looking for a new venue and have a few options but would love all suggestions. So please feel free to comment or contact us! If you would like to be a part of our farewell show please fill out an application. With this sad news brings new beginnings, and we're determined to find a new venue that is equally as incredible as MOTOR. Thank you MOTOR, Dayna, Brian, & Joe. We couldn't have done this without you! You guys are truly the BEST!

Mourning Market Widows


MANIC PANIC at Mourning Market April 17th

We are pleased to announce that MANIC PANIC will Vending at our April 17th Show!!! They are launching a brand new collection called "Creature of the Night" and it will be featured at Mourning Market!!! Spread the word so we can give a warm welcome to MANIC PANIC at the next Mourning Market!!! See you on the 17th at MOTOR!!



NEW Website!!!

Please be sure to check out our NEW website!!! www.mourningmarket.com