Our roots...

It all began at Crypticon '09...

A group of us sinister crafters had crossed paths before but had not yet been contained in one room. So at the end of three days filled with horror and zombie filled goodness, we said goodbye until next time. But when will that be I wonder?

Portland's community had many events for us to sell our wares. But we all call Seattle our home, so why is it all business and no fun?! Miss Ginger called on the ladies to attend Dark Tea where we plotted and schemed... Mourning Market was born!

^v^ The inner circle ^v^

Lyndsay a.k.a Idle Hands Designs
Ginger a.k.a Boudoir Noir
Nick a.k.a Decomposing Pictures
Alicia a.k.a Spooky Mama
Courtney a.k.a A Bleeker Tomorrow
Cheyanne a.k.a Miss O

Also featuring Miss O presents in October!

With live performances by
God's Favorite Beefcake, Luna Nocturna & J9 Fierce.

Thanks to Dana for hosting the show at Motor!!!

Thanks to our Sponsors!!!

* Archie McPhee -> www.archiemcpheeseattle.com
* Diamond Tattoo -> www.diamondtattooandbodypiercing.com
* Gargoyles Statuary -> www.gargoylestatuary.com
* Seattle Sinner -> www.theseattlesinner.com

* Flyers are available at Motor and our sponsor's locations! Get your sweet ass down and spread the dark word...

Please visit our website for more information and vendor applications!