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For the last 12 years, Devout has been making fabric oddities and freaks for kids and adults. A perfect blend of spooky and sweet, Devout offers dolls, plush, soft sculptures and accessories such as pins, scarves and other fun treats.

You can find Devout goods at www.DevoutDolls.com and also at www.DevoutDolls.etsy.com



Gothic Charm School will be filming at Mourning Market! 

How exciting... we should all look our best. 

I mean worst...

Which brings up a good question...
 What are you wearing I wonder?
Costumes encouraged! Don't be lame...


Voodoo Dolls

The Pinup Angels will be a featured vendor at Seattle's premier Mourning Market on October 18th.  Limited availability Halloween images will be available for sale.  All proceeds will benefit our care package fund for our troops.


Enchanted textiles

*Fairly Enchanted* Designs is a somewhat new Seattle-area shop that is run by a quirky girl who has been creating art throughout her entire life. *FE* draws on her obscure thoughts of a twisted reality in order to provide curious items featuring monsters, zombies, and plushiness which are bound to spark imagination and conversation.

*Fairly Enchanted* - Step inside and let the Magic begin

Dark texture

My name is Crystal Fosnaugh. I work as an oil painter, using old maps,
organic matter, and beeswax. Secondly, I construct jewelery pieces
using recycled metal, old vintage treasures, and resin.  Images are
drawn from maps, beetles, the victorian era, anatomy, botany, and
anything else that my heart is drawn to. Lastly, I construct dark and
glamorous hair pieces from feathers, vintage jewelery, and flowers.

For more information go to www.myspace.com/crystalfosnaugh

Death wears a hood

Spider Baby expands on the modern version.
The black hoodie is now a piece of iconic apparel like the t shirt & leather jacket. Spider Baby makes wondefully dark, edgey, one-of-a-kind hoodies for anyone. Fabric designs ranging from skulls, bats, flames, webs are hand sewn on to the classic, black zip-hoodie creating a unique piece of wearable art. Sizes range from child to men's 2x.  Custom orders welcome!


The bare bones...

The Skull Shoppe was created to offer a new choice to those looking for a great skull at an affordable price. As a skull lover, I found it impossible to find a good skull at Halloween or online for a reasonable price. Taking matters into my own hands, I started the long process of the “affordable skull”. I offer a skull to meet all budgets. From economical models, novelty, foam to high end museum models, I have you covered. With the exception of my economical models, all skulls are cast and finished by hand to assure the finest detail.


Dark waters

Where waterfront charm consists of neglected boats shielding their wounds behind broken-off piers and where dust-bowl glamour consists of Victorian pageantry in a cabaret of heartaches, Miss Oblivious has drawn inspiration to create individual hand-stitched dolls of performers through re-creations from still images captured through static and moving film.

Miss Oblivious, a Seattle-based custom portrait doll-maker, writer, film producer/director, and artist, produces a public-access TV show in which she exhibits short films featuring talented artist and performers. Miss Oblivious also publishes "Oblivious Nation" formerly "Cunt Fear", a zine documenting her life world, and messes since 1994.


Maker of pretties for Lovelies and other dark goods...
Room3designs pulls it's name from the number Three - a number of great importance in science, mythology, religion, philosophy, technology and music.  Behind the door of Room 3 is Tiffany, who has been making jewelry for many, many years around the Seattle area.


Oooh lala...

Stefanie of Idolatre Clothing weaves her dark web in textile.
"I design my own visions. I draft my own patterns. I sew my own products. I am a fanciful clothing designer inspired by vintage glam, specializing in original designs and custom garments in a multitude of sizes. I love what I do, and I hope you do, too."

photography by DM Holman

Vendor wares

"Tormented Artifacts contains a bit of everything:  an imaginative smorgasboard of wearables and curiosities fusing occult experimentation with steampunk exploration and just a touch of cyber. Leather masks dip into pagan and fantastical themes, getting absolutely insane in the gasmask section. Other accessories include tribal-futuristic accessories and elegant jewelry. And the art pieces: arcane boxes and books and scrolls and blades, an elixir case with a couple of "missing" potions, fossils and skulls from ancient monsters."



Our roots...

It all began at Crypticon '09...

A group of us sinister crafters had crossed paths before but had not yet been contained in one room. So at the end of three days filled with horror and zombie filled goodness, we said goodbye until next time. But when will that be I wonder?

Portland's community had many events for us to sell our wares. But we all call Seattle our home, so why is it all business and no fun?! Miss Ginger called on the ladies to attend Dark Tea where we plotted and schemed... Mourning Market was born!

^v^ The inner circle ^v^

Lyndsay a.k.a Idle Hands Designs
Ginger a.k.a Boudoir Noir
Nick a.k.a Decomposing Pictures
Alicia a.k.a Spooky Mama
Courtney a.k.a A Bleeker Tomorrow
Cheyanne a.k.a Miss O

Also featuring Miss O presents in October!

With live performances by
God's Favorite Beefcake, Luna Nocturna & J9 Fierce.

Thanks to Dana for hosting the show at Motor!!!

Thanks to our Sponsors!!!

* Archie McPhee -> www.archiemcpheeseattle.com
* Diamond Tattoo -> www.diamondtattooandbodypiercing.com
* Gargoyles Statuary -> www.gargoylestatuary.com
* Seattle Sinner -> www.theseattlesinner.com

* Flyers are available at Motor and our sponsor's locations! Get your sweet ass down and spread the dark word...

Please visit our website for more information and vendor applications!


Mourning Market :: art from the grave to you!

The Mourning Market is a dark artist's collective featuring the Northwest's spookiest vendors and performers... October 18th 2009 at Club Motor in Seattle, WA. For more information check out our website www.mourningmarket.com...