For the last 12 years, Devout has been making fabric oddities and freaks for kids and adults. A perfect blend of spooky and sweet, Devout offers dolls, plush, soft sculptures and accessories such as pins, scarves and other fun treats.

You can find Devout goods at www.DevoutDolls.com and also at www.DevoutDolls.etsy.com



Gothic Charm School will be filming at Mourning Market! 

How exciting... we should all look our best. 

I mean worst...

Which brings up a good question...
 What are you wearing I wonder?
Costumes encouraged! Don't be lame...


Voodoo Dolls

The Pinup Angels will be a featured vendor at Seattle's premier Mourning Market on October 18th.  Limited availability Halloween images will be available for sale.  All proceeds will benefit our care package fund for our troops.


Enchanted textiles

*Fairly Enchanted* Designs is a somewhat new Seattle-area shop that is run by a quirky girl who has been creating art throughout her entire life. *FE* draws on her obscure thoughts of a twisted reality in order to provide curious items featuring monsters, zombies, and plushiness which are bound to spark imagination and conversation.

*Fairly Enchanted* - Step inside and let the Magic begin

Dark texture

My name is Crystal Fosnaugh. I work as an oil painter, using old maps,
organic matter, and beeswax. Secondly, I construct jewelery pieces
using recycled metal, old vintage treasures, and resin.  Images are
drawn from maps, beetles, the victorian era, anatomy, botany, and
anything else that my heart is drawn to. Lastly, I construct dark and
glamorous hair pieces from feathers, vintage jewelery, and flowers.

For more information go to www.myspace.com/crystalfosnaugh

Death wears a hood

Spider Baby expands on the modern version.
The black hoodie is now a piece of iconic apparel like the t shirt & leather jacket. Spider Baby makes wondefully dark, edgey, one-of-a-kind hoodies for anyone. Fabric designs ranging from skulls, bats, flames, webs are hand sewn on to the classic, black zip-hoodie creating a unique piece of wearable art. Sizes range from child to men's 2x.  Custom orders welcome!